Future Generations Protection Pledge

A Pledge to Protect Future Generations

Future Generations Protection Pledge Signers
Future Generations Protection Pledge Signers

With Canada’s federal debt set to grow to $718 billion by 2019-20, and interest costs poised to jump by 28% over the same period, future generations are being handed the bill. A bill they cannot afford.

That’s why we decided to launch the “Future Generations Protection Pledge” – a comprehensive contract between future generations and their political leaders to get the country’s finances back under control. The pledge commits signatories to:

1. Present a balanced budget to the House of Commons within 24 months after taking office - stopping the federal debt clock;

2. After the budget is balanced, commit to running ONLY balanced budgets in all times outside of war or natural disaster; and

3. Legislate a debt repayment schedule, dedicating a portion of annual revenues towards eliminating the debt.

At Generation Screwed’s Quebec City Action Forum, Member of Parliament and Conservative leadership contender Maxime Bernier became the pledge’s first signatory.

Saskatchewan MP and former Speaker of the House Andrew Scheer, Member of Parliament Brad Trost, former Member of Parliament Andrew Saxton and businessman Rick Peterson also committed to signing the pledge shortly after receiving their invitation to do so. They were followed by Kellie Leitch, Pierre Lemieux, Kevin O'Leary, Deepak Obhrai and Lisa Raitt.

Michael Chong, Steven Blaney, Erin O'Toole and Chris Alexander remain the only declared candidates to refuse to sign the pledge protecting future generations.  

Generation Screwed will be offering all candidates who later join in the federal leadership races for the Conservatives and NDP an opportunity to sign the pledge if they are willing to do so. All official candidates have been invited to date. 

Of course, politicians have a tendency to forget promises made during elections, so we’ll be sure to keep the hard copies on-hand should they suffer from selective amnesia down the road.

Below is a list of declared candidates for the federal Conservative and NDP leadership races, their status with regard to signing the pledge and their written response to the pledge's commitment (if they have chosen to provide one).

Conservative Candidates 

Chris Alexander
Status: Declined invitation to sign pledge

Maxime Bernier
Status: Signed at 2016 Generation Screwed Action Forum

"I’m the first declared candidate to sign the Future Generations Protection Pledge to ensure that millennials are not left with an economy in ruin. Join me: www.maximebernier.com/join"

Steven Blaney
Status: Declined invitation to sign pledge

Michael Chong
Status: Declined invitation to sign pledge

Kellie Leitch
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"I am proud to commit to Generation Screwed’s pledge. Getting Canada’s fiscal house in order is a top priority. Without a debt repayment plan we put at risk the important Canadian values of freedom and generosity, because of interest payments. I stand with Generation Screwed."

Pierre Lemieux
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"The future of our nation belongs to our children. It belongs to young men and women just entering university and college with dreams and goals. It would be selfish and irresponsible of us to saddle future generations, with our debt and reckless spending."

Deepak Obhrai
Status: Signed Pledge at Generation Screwed Event in Ottawa

Kevin O'Leary
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"Throughout my travels as a successful Canadian businessman, I have seen first-hand the effect Trudeau's gross economic mismanagement is having on our country. Now he asks us to forfeit our children's futures under the burden of unbalanced budgets for the next 38 years. I will not let that happen."

Erin O’Toole
Status: Declined invitation to sign pledge

Rick Peterson
Status: Signed Pledge at Generation Screwed Event in Montreal
"I'm pleased to support your efforts and to highlight my leadership campaign's key policy plank, which will allow this Pledge to be met - and that is the complete elimination of corporate income tax." 

Lisa Raitt
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"Lower Taxes and Less Government — When we win together in 2019, we will balance the budget. We will make sure that government gets smarter, not bigger."

Andrew Saxton
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"We must have a government that operates with strict fiscal discipline guided by a leader who know how to balance the budget. I am happy to sign this pledge, as its guiding beliefs go hand in hand with my platform."

Andrew Scheer
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"I am happy to sign this pledge because I am committed to ensuring that Justin Trudeau is not able to do to my kids, what Pierre Trudeau did to my generation.  Massive deficits today, means robbing future generations' prosperity."

Brad Trost
Status: Has Committed to Sign Pledge at Future GS Event
"Canadians need leaders who will be accountable to both their voters now and to future generations.  I signed the pledge to be accountable to voters now and to be accountable to future generations."

NDP Candidates

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