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Decisions past and present result in downgrade

Obesity isn’t caused by one doughnut, nor is a gold medal won with one workout. Success or failure is the sum of many decisions. So it is with Manitoba’s credit-rating downgrade, announced by international bond rating agency S&P Global on Thursday.
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Manitoba hit with another credit rating downgrade

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the Manitoba government to trim spending in wake of another credit rating downgrade. Standard and Poor’s, an international bond rating agency, lowered Manitoba’s credit rating from AA to AA- with a negative outlook.
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Saskatchewan can get its AAA credit rating back

Saskatchewan has lost its AAA credit rating, according to the Standard and Poor’s bond rating agency. Saskatchewan’s economy is strong so there’s no need for panic, but this is sad news. A little more than two decades ago, Saskatchewan’s credit rating was on the junk heap. It took years of hard work to get our marks back to the top of the class. Now we’ve slipped, but if we take action now, we can turn it around.
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Canada’s government spending is now on unsustainable path, warns PBO

Ottawa and the Canada’s debt-ridden provinces are racking up $11 billion a year of unsustainable spending, the Parliamentary Budget Officer said today.
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Provincial government hikes Alberta's borrowing limit to $10.5 billion

The Wildrose is taking aim at the NDP government for raising the province’s borrowing limit, but Finance Minister Joe Ceci says the move is standard procedure.
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Canada’s debt $625 billion and counting

Canada's Federal Debt Clock just passed $625 BILLION. It's going up by nearly $1000 a second!
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Saskatchewan finance minister tables deficit budget

The provincial government is running a bigger deficit than it expected just a few months ago. Projected deficit jumps from $260M to $434M; government borrows $1B for capital projects.
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