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Spending can't go up when revenues go down

Saskatchewan’s operational deficit is now more than a billion dollars, according to the province’s mid-year fiscal update. Diving that deeply into debt is a serious threat to the province’s financial health. It’s time to make tough decisions.
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To Alberta, from Quebec: Don’t copy our failed government daycare plan

The Alberta government announced on Tuesday that it is inching forward with its plan for $25-per-day daycare. As it turns out, Quebec has already tried this policy, and in practice, it was wrought with problems.
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Professors show the way to restore the province’s financial health

For the sake of taxpayers and the people they pay, government salaries have to be contained to restore the province’s financial health.
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Liberals borrowing to keep the lights on

While politicians are spending $700/night on hotel rooms, and tens of thousands of dollars on speeches, future generations are being plunged deeper and deeper into debt.
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Ask Liberals about a plan to balance the books, budget watchdog says

They campaigned on "modest deficits" not more than $10 billion/year and a balanced budget by the end of their mandate. They have broken their promise.
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Ontario falling deeper and deeper into debt

The FAO estimates Ontario’s net debt burden (which adjusts for financial assets) will climb to $370 billion by 2020, up from around $315 billion this year. That’ll be about $28,000 per Ontarian.
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It's no longer called debt — it's called stimulus

There was a time when debt was a bad word, because it led to nasty outcomes, like having someone yanking your chain at the most inopportune time because you owed them money. So we have removed that oh so negative word from the political and social lexicon. Instead, we have replaced it with a much nicer one – stimulus.
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