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Spending can't go up when revenues go down

Saskatchewan’s operational deficit is now more than a billion dollars, according to the province’s mid-year fiscal update. Diving that deeply into debt is a serious threat to the province’s financial health. It’s time to make tough decisions.
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To Alberta, from Quebec: Don’t copy our failed government daycare plan

The Alberta government announced on Tuesday that it is inching forward with its plan for $25-per-day daycare. As it turns out, Quebec has already tried this policy, and in practice, it was wrought with problems.
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Professors show the way to restore the province’s financial health

For the sake of taxpayers and the people they pay, government salaries have to be contained to restore the province’s financial health.
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Why federal deficits to 2055 really matter

The projections simulate what the federal government’s long-term finances may look like under certain demographic, economic and fiscal assumptions. However, it’s arguably setting the stage for a new era of fiscal irresponsibility.
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Business leaders urge Morneau to set deadline for eliminating deficit

Mr. Manley has written to Mr. Morneau, warning him that the government’s current acceptance of long-term deficits will hurt the Canadian economy by weakening business and consumer confidence.
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Premier Brad Wall hints at wage rollbacks as Saskatchewan faces ballooning deficit

With a whopping $1 billion deficit, is Premier Brad Wall prepared to make the tough decisions necessary for future generations?
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Ontario desperately needs a realistic plan to curb spending

With the government up against their ninth consecutive deficit, the message of restraint is one that they desperately need to hear. The government will add $64 billion to the debt over the next five years, and they continue to waste nearly a billion dollars every month on interest.
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