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Releasing the First Quarter Update is an Easy Fix for a Silly Mistake

The Saskatchewan government says it’s withholding its first quarter budget update this year. That’s a mistake. The government has a responsibility to provide transparency.
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University students need to relax, it's just a hat

It’s just a hat. But on Canadian university campuses, a hat is more than enough to offend the delicate sensibilities of students and university busybodies.
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BC: Government Throwing Dice With Our Money

The BC Government is gambling $97.5 million of our money in India's bond market.
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TD expects Trudeau to run bigger deficits than he budgeted

Canada will run larger deficits than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has projected amid a weakening revenue outlook, limiting its scope for additional spending measures, according to a report from Toronto Dominion Bank.
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The Wynne-McGuinty legacy: Perpetual debt

Interest on debt, at more than $11 billion annually, is Ontario’s third-highest expenditure, more than we spend on post-secondary education.
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Canada’s debt-induced anxiety

Today, there are 27 campuses with student representatives raising awareness about the current fiscal squeeze. Federal overspending may be cleverly disguised by an attractive leader as hopefully optimistic, but these next generation policy-makers know living beyond our means with a dwindling tax base is untenable.
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With a debt and deficit hole this deep, Canadian politicians had better stop digging

As fall approaches, all levels of government will begin preparing their budgets. Expect the usual grandstanding by special interest groups seeking new spending and tax cuts. The one not at the table will be the Future Taxpayer who will be stuck with any debt piled up by today’s deficit-happy politicians.
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