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Saskatchewan needs to fix failing budget plans

It takes great leadership to recognize when a plan isn’t working and change it. The province’s budget plans aren’t working. Saskatchewan needs a renewed resolve to make a better plan for the future.
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Universities need to wake up and smell the sunshine

Alberta’s sunshine list has revealed that the salaries of top university administrators are not only out-of-line with the rest of the country, but also include massive financial perks with no benefit for taxpayers or students.
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Alberta budget update shows deficit unchanged despite $1 billion in extra revenue

The CTF is calling on the Alberta government to seriously rein in spending after today’s year-end report shows the deficit is the same despite the government bringing in $1 billion in additional revenue.
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Hugs, kisses not in cards for Valentine's Day start at B.C. legislature

While BC's budget might have been balanced on paper, it's debt has been steadily rising for years and years. If the government is committed to inter-generational equity, it ought to do more than simply balance program spending with revenues.
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Morneau dropped deficit forecast from fall update

Burrying a government report 101: wait until December 23rd to release it.
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Canada on deficit-paved path to debt crisis?

There is an easy way to avoid such a crisis: control spending, balance the budget and start paying down the debt. It's not rocket science!
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New Brunswick debt to rise as Liberals spend on infrastructure, education

With a $192 million deficit on a $9.4Bn budget, it's like New Brunswick's government is not even trying to balance their budget...
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