$830 Million

Annual Interest Bill:

 $830 Million

Percent of Tax Dollars Spent on Interest:


Projected Increase in Debt (2016-17):

$1.75 Billion

Previous Year's Increase in Debt (2015-16):

$2.43 Billion

Increase in Debt Since the Year 2000:


Debt-to-GDP Ratio:


Useful Facts and Analysis (Manitoba):

  • Debt doesn't include additional $17 billion borrowed (and backed by taxpayers) by Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board.
  • Since 1990 Manitoba has spent over $17 billion on interest.
  • The debt increases by $4,802,190.28 a day, $3,334.85 a minute and $55,58 a second.
  • The 2016-17 Manitoba budget can be viewed HERE. Historical information for Manitoba's finances can be found HERE.