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Shal Marriott

Regional Coordinator, Eastern Ontario

City of Residence
Ottawa, Ontario

Shal is currently an Honours Bachelor of Arts student at Carleton University, specializing in political theory and history with a passion for economics in both domestic and foreign affairs and how that relates within the framework of political societies. Growing up in small town Ontario, she was quick to realize the importance of fiscal responsibility in the lives of every day Canadian.

She became involved with Generation Screwed in 2014, first as a volunteer and event attendant before taking over the Carleton University campus club in 2016. After hosting a wide array of successful events, and being an avid promoter on campus, she officially took over as Regional Coordinator in 2017.

Prior to becoming Campus Coordinator, Shal attended the Freedom Week seminar program with the Institute for Liberal Studies. It is there that she gained a deeper understanding of classical liberal and libertarian ideas, specifically as they apply to free markets, fiscal responsibility, and government spending. She has experience in various public policy positions within government, and is taking on an internship role with the Manning Center for the summer of 2017, where Shal will be focusing on a variety of economic oriented research initiatives.