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Meet Our Leadership Team


Pierçon Knezic

Regional Coordinator, Western Ontario

City of Residence
London, Ontario

Piercon is currently in his third year studying political science at Western University. His passion for politics and fiscal discipline, soon presented the opportunity to coordinate with Generation Screwed. Doing this for 2 years, Piercon quickly distinguished himself as an ambitious and talented student, quickly rising to Regional Coordinator.   

As regional coordinator for Southern Ontario, Piercon assists with the creation and execution of GS events for 5 universities. Along with these responsibilities, Piercon has assisted to the national campaign by recruiting coordinators, marketing GS, and managing hotel logistics for major functions.

Having worked with multiple partisan, and non-partisan organizations in leadership positions, Piercon seeks to inform voters of the risks of fiscal mismanagement. His work with Generation Screwed is one such endeavor to reduce and eliminate Canada’s debt.