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Ben Lawton

Regional Coordinator, British Columbia

City of Residence
Vancouver, British Columbia

Benjamin Lawton is currently working on his undergraduate degree in economics and political science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver where he founded Generation Screwed SFU before being promoted to Regional Coordinator for British Columbia. Since his promotion, Ben has worked to expand the movement to new chapters at Trinity Western University in Langley and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Having worked in one of B.C.’s most vibrant and dynamic industries - mining - Ben learned early on of the importance of free enterprise, trade and capitalism, and how the opportunities they deliver are life changing for Canada’s most disadvantaged peoples.

This experience, including the ability to pay for his education debt free, founded Ben’s belief in fiscal responsibility, the opportunity cost of debt, and what sound financial planning can achieve for the future of all Canadians.

Taking these ideas to University, Ben quickly realized that the narratives passed along in the classrooms and discussions weren’t lining up, and that the campaign for a fiscal and economic reality check for Canada’s future generation must be fought there and now.