Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Kris T. Rondolo
    Executive Director
    A former political staffer on Parliament Hill, Kris came on board Generation Screwed in 2018. As the new Executive Director for GS, Kris hopes to make fiscal responsibility and accountability, at all levels of government, a mainstream issue in our local colleges and universities.
  • Stephann Sahmkow
    Regional Coordinator, Quebec
    Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Stephann came to Canada in 2014 and has since fallen in love with the country, its people, and its landscape. He is currently completing a double major in Political Science and Economics at Concordia University, in Montreal.
  • Daniel Perry
    Regional Coordinator, Eastern Ontario
    Since joining Generation Screwed in 2017, Daniel quickly rose through the ranks and now serves as the Coordinator for Eastern Ontario. Daniel continues to work tirelessly in helping our local GS campuses in Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, and Toronto to grow and succeed.
  • Lucus Riccioni
    Regional Coordinator, Prairies
    As a Law and Society student at the University of Calgary, Lucus is no stranger to the world of politics. Lucus is passionate about standing up for his convictions; this is why he continues to be a strong advocate for liberty, fiscal responsibility, and freedom of speech.
  • Ben Lawton
    Regional Coordinator, British Columbia
    An economics and political science student studying at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Ben learned the importance of fiscal responsibility from a young age and has since worked to share his experience with fellow students as Regional Coordinator for B.C.
  • Pierçon Knezic
    Regional Coordinator, Western Ontario
    A third-year political science student at Western University, Piercon has been active in numerous political organizations since 2014. Ambitious and always hard working, Piercon quickly made his way up to Regional Coordinator for Southern Ontario.
  • Devin Drover
    Regional Coordinator, Atlantic Canada
    Generation Screwed's first Regional Coordinator for Atlantic Canada, Devin works to expand the initiative across both the Maritimes and Newfoundland while also pursuing a masters degree at Dalhousie University.