Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Aaron Gunn
    Executive Director | Spokesperson, Generation Screwed
    Aaron joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation full time in the fall of 2013. In this capacity Aaron works on a wide range of issues, but focuses primarily on his leadership of the Generation Screwed campaign, which he launched shortly after joining the CTF.
  • Renaud Brossard
    Regional Coordinator, Quebec | Spokesperson, Génération Trompée
    A former Manning Centre and Canadian Taxpayers Federation intern, Renaud is currently studying international business at l'École des sciences de la gestion de l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). He is Generation Screwed Regional Coordinator and Spokesperson for Quebec.
  • Devin Drover
    Regional Coordinator, Atlantic Canada
    Generation Screwed's first Regional Coordinator for Atlantic Canada, Devin works to expand the initiative across both the Maritimes and Newfoundland while also pursuing a masters degree at Dalhousie University.
  • Brett Byers-Lane
    Regional Coordinator, Northern Ontario
    A fourth year political science and communications student at the University of Ottawa, Brett has been a Generation Screwed campus coordinator since early 2015. A two-time GS Cup champion, Brett has recently been promoted to regional coordinator for Northern Ontario.
  • Pierçon Knezic
    Regional Coordinator, Southern Ontario
    A third-year political science student at Western University, Piercon has been active in numerous political organizations since 2014. Ambitious and always hard working, Piercon quickly made his way up to Regional Coordinator for Southern Ontario.
  • Caitlyn Madlener
    Regional Coordinator, Western Canada
    One of the chief organizers of the 2015 Generation Screwed Calgary Action Forum, Caitlyn is currently in her fourth and final year at the University of Calgary, and is one of Generation Screwed’s founding campus coordinators.
  • Ben Lawton
    Regional Coordinator, British Columbia
    An economics and political science student studying at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Ben learned the importance of fiscal responsibility from a young age and has since worked to share his experience with fellow students as Regional Coordinator for B.C.