Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Kris T. Rondolo
    Executive Director
    A former political staffer on Parliament Hill, Kris came on board Generation Screwed in 2018. As the new Executive Director for GS, Kris hopes to make fiscal responsibility and accountability, at all levels of government, a mainstream issue in our local colleges and universities.
  • Patrick Beacham
    Regional Coordinator, Quebec
    Patrick joined GS in the summer of 2018 where he served as a GS Campus Coordinator for McGill until his promotion last January when he was recently appointed as a Regional Coordinator for Quebec where he gets to represent the province's anglophone students. He is currently working on his Bachelor's degree in Economics in Montreal.
  • Daniel Perry
    Regional Coordinator, Eastern Ontario
    Since joining Generation Screwed in 2017, Daniel quickly rose through the ranks and now serves as the Coordinator for Eastern Ontario. Daniel continues to work tirelessly in helping our local GS campuses in Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, and Toronto to grow and succeed.
  • Lucus Riccioni
    Regional Coordinator, Prairies
    As a Law and Society student at the University of Calgary, Lucus is no stranger to the world of politics. Lucus is passionate about standing up for his convictions; this is why he continues to be a strong advocate for liberty, fiscal responsibility, and freedom of speech.
  • Daniel Verrier
    Regional Coordinator, British Columbia
    Daniel currently attends the University of Victoria working towards a degree in Political Science, minoring in Public Administration. He initially joined our Generation Screwed team as Campus Coordinator since June 2017 and was recently appointed as the B.C Regional Coordinator.
  • John Turner
    Regional Coordinator, Western Ontario
    John was recently promoted to Regional Director for Generation Screwed's Western Ontario region after serving as a GS Campus Coordinator for Brock. He is currently finishing his Political Science degree and plans on pursuing his Master's Degree in Political Science in the Fall.
  • Azim Jiwani
    Regional Coordinator, Atlantic Canada
    After serving for a year as a Campus coordinator, Azim was promoted to lead the students of Atlantic Canada as Generation Screwed's Atlantic Regional Director in 2018. Azim is currently working on finishing his Business and Management degree at the University of Dalhousie.