About Us

What is Generation Screwed?


Well, first off, Generation Screwed isn't aligned with any political party; it doesn’t have a partisan axe to grind.

Rather, we are a project initiated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in 2013 to inform and mobilize young Canadians who want to save their economic future.

Young Canadians see this country heading for a fiscal cliff and want to set off alarm bells.

Of course, raising awareness about Canada’s impending debt crisis is not enough.

That is why Generation Screwed also helps organize young Canadians so they can take political action.

That means holding events, visiting universities and running online campaigns.

It means having a strong voice that can’t be ignored. It means making a difference.

Of course, the more young people who support us, the more effective our voice will be.

Become part of our campaign. Join our Movement today! 

Now is the time for our generation to take a stand.